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Welcome to the College Composition Program at Florida State University. Our program includes a common curriculum based on current theory, research, and pedagogy within composition studies. Each course stresses the writing process, emphasizing methods for discovering what the writer thinks about a subject through invention, drafting, peer response, revision, and editing. In our writing courses we also teach reading strategies and strive to enable students to better understand both conventional and experimental texts.

College Composition Mission Statement

College Composition courses at Florida State University teach writing as a recursive and frequently collaborative process of invention, drafting, and revising. Writing is both personal and social, and students should learn how to write for a variety of purposes and audiences. Since writing is a process of making meaning as well as communicating, College Composition teachers respond to the content of students' writing as well as to surface errors. Students should expect frequent written and oral response on the content of their writing from both teachers and peers.

Students are expected to be active participants in the classroom community. Learning from each other and from their teachers, students are invited to give thoughtful, reasoned responses to both assigned readings and the compositions of their peers. With an emphasis on in-class discussions and workshops, College Composition courses facilitate critical understandings between reading and composing.

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